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How to install litespeed ( lsws ) in cPanel

Posted: 3rd June 2013 by kunwardharmesh in Linux

This only works with LiteSpeed Enterprise Edition, you need a trial key or an Enterprise License serial number. Step 1: Install LiteSpeed WHM plugin Run the following commands from ssh as root. cd /usr/src; curl | sh Note: To uninstall WHM LiteSpeed plugin, run command as follows. /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/docroot/cgi/lsws/ Step 2: Install LiteSpeed Speed Web […]

If this error occurs when you try to send e-mails using webmail it is a  possibility that the firewall installed on the server is not allowing the connections to the SMTP service If you have csf firewall on the server please check its configuration for the parameter “SMTP_BLOCK”, the configuration file is “/etc/csf/csf.conf”  If it is configured […]